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Title: Me Too: The Teaser

Author: Strange Bint

Feedback: Strangelilgrrl75@aol.com

Rating: Mature 18 and over only!

Pairings: Foursome Angel/Buffy/Spike/Faith Fuffy, Spuffy, Spangle, Spaith

Page: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/477618/Strange_Bint

Note: You’ll love this fic if you’d like to see what a future “canon” foursome would be like. Takes place after the comic, BUT if you don’t like the comic it won’t ruin anything, promise. Spoilers for all seasons and to Comic # 32. Also, I’m building to the dirtier stuff. Holiday fic, future fic, mutiple partner

Summary: Oh God! It was Valentine’s Day? It was Valentine’s Day. It was Valentine’s day, and Buffy was getting way closer to 30 than 20 and she just spent the night in an orgy with the two vampires that broke her heart and the bitch who tried to steal them. Spike and Faith were kissing on Valentine’s Day, and he bought her a present. Angel was sleeping. Everyone was naked! Buffy had to get the fuck out of here and get ready to totally uncelebrated her coming birthday week. And never ever speak of this to anyone.

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Fic Update: More or Less- Blood That Glows


Title: More or Less- “Blood That Glows”


Rating: R (for sexual content)


Author: Strange Bint


Pairings: Spike/Faith, Angel & Connor


Summary: Chapter on long standing Spike/Faith & Connor Centered Spin-off. Connor and Faith are both getting older and Spike and Angel have different opinions on that than they do. They are all working together on The Re-risen Sunnydale accept when Angel and Spike are bickering. Connor and Faith just fight themselves, as Faith dreams of murdering Buffy and Connor thinks about blood.


Note: More Willow/Kennedy and Buffy coming soon.


Link to Current Chapter:  http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1686502/38/The_Forget_Me_Not_Series


Link to Facts about this Fic:  http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4391445/1/Basic_Facts_About_FGMNMore_or_Less_FaithFic


Link to You-Tube Opening Credits: http://youtube.com/watch?v=VIUqUeCbBBk

Holiday Faith Fic a Thon!!

Please all join The Faith-Holiday-Fic-a-thon crappy_gifts . It’s a Holiday based Faith Lehane Fic-a-thon and More! So, we know our little (or better yet big grown-up) hot-bad-ass likes Christmas. She hung the lights in her dingy motel room, bought Buffy and Joyce "crappy" gifts, and stayed with Joyce on Christmas night while Buffy left her alone (that bitch!) So, I want to do a quick holiday, Christmas, Chanukah/Hanukah, Kwanza, New Year’s Eve fic-a-thon for her. I'm sure she'd take any holiday she could get because, hey, a high-school-drop-out, ex-con, child of an alcoholic, Slayer can't be picky. So, here this goes...Or tries to. I've never run a community or fic-a-thon in my life. So, I'm just having a give-it-a-try-theme. Rules are very easy. All ‘ships welcome. You can also post old holiday fics, just request, or discuss.
hi there

I just found this group, it looks intresting.

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